Common Questions.

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Questions regarding payment

What are the data required for payment on Western Union?

Name, last name and your address with your country

How long payment period?

Less than 24 hours of the request for payment, sometimes being exceeded the specified period due to many factors including the borders of the means of payment or the large number of requests for payment.

What are the required data for payment through Egypt Poste (ccp)?

Name, last name and Name of the Receiving Post Office.

Case of payment changed to reject, Why?

The first reason: When you do not respect the conditions of the site, the payment will be rejected . With non-payment.

The second reason: the payment request the wrong way. Or payment information be wrong,Payment will be rejected. With the refund money to the member account.

My Account on Paypal is not verified, you will pay?

Depending on the type of account, and better to have activate the account, to avoid any problems during the payment.

Is the transfer fees calculated from the member or from the management of the site?

The fees from the management of the site

Is the payment via Western Union are in dollars or in the currency of my state ?

The payment received, according the center laws for receipt payment , from your state.

Questions relating to profit

Some downloads calculated complete, and do not count the profits, Why?

Frequent downloads are not counted their profits.

What do you mean profits mode?

Means the profit mode is how to profit from the site, there are three profit modes. The profit mode from Downloads, the profit mode from the sale memberships, profit mode mixed "Downloads and sell memberships".

What is the ratio of profit from referrals? Is it fixed for all memberships?

It is accounted for 10 percent of all memberships.

Why the price of the Arab countries is low and foreign countries is high? Is it depends on something?

Our earnings from ad impressions when the Arab countries is very low, we rely on advertising for the pay to members

What are the events in which they are raising prices?

In the days of holidays and special occasions, for example, "Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, the Prophet's Birthday ..."

Can I use a proxy, programs and change the IP address by "VPN" to downloads files?

Not allowed at all. Your account has been subjected to ban forever. with Minus the amount from your account.

Can I send my files to my friends so they can download links?

Not allowed at all, whatever the purpose. may be offered to ban your account forever with the deduction amount in your account.

Is there a reward or profit to explain the site?

If you are a blogger or the owner of a channel on YouTube you can take advantage of the bonus your availability requirement on the number of daily visitors to your blog more than 1000 visitors and if the channel on YouTube had to provide a good number of followers and Views.

Can I exchange the downloads ?

Not allowed at all. Your account has been subjected to ban forever. with Minus the amount from your account.

How can I bring people to my download my files in a legitimate way?

You may post several threads in various forums Arab and foreign. publishing in groups or on your page in Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else is contrary to the laws of the site.

Is there a specific number for download from the same device for a particular file?

Max 5 times, according to the country.

It reached a thousand suppository. However, I did not get the exact amount appropriate to the plan, why?

Downloads are calculated correct full non-duplicate only. Any duplicate suppository incomplete will not be calculating their profits.

Questions relating with upload

What formulas are allowed to raise on site?

Support all files formats.

What is remote URL upload ?

Feature allows you to upload files through a specific link,It is deduced from that website, and uploaded directly to your account.

When I upload files and my Premium Membership ended. my files will be deleted or not?

Files are not deleted after expiry of Premium Membership.

What is the space available on the free membership and premium membership?

free memberships: have been allocated storage space is estimated at 70 GB.

Premium memberships: have been allocated storage space is estimated at 1 terabyte.

What happens when I upload file contrary to the laws and the policy of the site?

Not recommended at all. Your account has been subjected to ban forever. with Minus the amount from your account.

variety questions

What happens when you violate the terms of the site?

Your account has been subjected to danger, and maybe your account will be banned forever with Minus the amount from your account.

When I change the password problem occur which is " your IP has been banned" What is the solution?

Please, Restart your modem, and sign in again

Free membership,it support complete the download or not?

Yes, Members support complete the download

Can I create more than one account from the same device?

This is not recommended. All accounts may be blocked, if it has been revealed. with Minus the amount from all your accounts.

Can I login to two accounts of the same device?

You can login to different accounts within 48 hours on each login requirement, other than this is contrary.

What is "REMOTE SITES PREMIUMS" and what features the mode?

Upload files directly from other file sharing sites using your premium external site account (with basic auth. support)

Is there a specific number for download from the same device for a particular file?

It is calculated one download from particular file from each device, other than this is contrary.

In case I earn the money illegally. And I earn of other legal way what happens?

Discount The amount from "non-legitimate" With the latter warning, If repeated that, the account will be banned, with Minus the total amount from the account.

I cant change the payment method or change my account settings, what is the solution?

You can decode security lock through the button decode security lock from your account, You will receive a special link to decode the safety button via e-mail.