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More than one way to upload your files

Upload Files

Upload your files from your computer

You can upload more than file in one batch, you can also arrange your files into folders, you can also control the privacy of the files, if you want to hide it.

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URL Upload

Upload files from the other link

This feature allows you to upload the file from another URL, meaning you do not need the speed of your Internet, the files will load in the server directly, only put a direct link to download.

You can enter up to 1 URLs, one URL per row

Max file size is 100 Mb

Additional options (not required)

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Upload COPY

Copy files

If you have a link to download uploaded on our website, and want to re-upload it to your account and get your own download link, you can do this by placing a download link at the bottom, you will get immediately your special link.

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torrent upload

Pull torrents files

property Uploaded through torrent, this feature enables you to raise the contents of the torrent on the server and give you a special link to download torrent files, and this without the intervention of Internet speed you have.

No live torrent server available at the moment